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Introduction of Infrared Touch Screen:
 ATouch's Infrared (IR) Touch Screen is developed by its R&D team, with its own design and continuously updating the most efficient touch screen to worldwide customers. ATouch's IR touch screen is available for:
。Flat display: 10.4"/12.1"/15"/17"/26"/32"/42"
。CRT flat display: 17"

Infrared Touch Screen Benefits:
。 100% light transmission since no overlay covering the display screen (protected glass is optional).
。 Almost all kinds of stylus materials can be used in Infrared Touch Screen.
。 Infrared is the earliest and most reliable touch screen technology, due to the improvement of LED materials. The lifetime of Infrared Touch Screen is much longer and more stable in operation.

Infrared Touch Screen Working Principle:

 Infrared Touch Screen is a touch frame which is usually installed in front of the display screen. The frame is integrated with printed circuit board which contains a line of IR-LEDs and photo transistors hidden behind the bezel of the touch frame. Each of IR-LEDs and photo transistors is set on the opposite sides to create a grid of invisible infrared light. The bezel shields the parts from the operation environment while allowing the IR beams to pass through.

 The Infrared Touch Screen controller sequentially pulses LEDs to create a grid of IR light beams. When a user touches the screen, enters the grid by a stylus which can interrupt the IR light beams, the photo transistors from X and Y axes detect the IR light beams which have been interrupted and transmit exact signals that identify the X and Y axes coordinates to the host.

。Indoor/outdoor kiosks
。Ticketing machines
。Medical instrumentation
。Process control systems
。Hospital operating rooms
。Commercial transportation
。Large plasma displays

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